The Seven Stages – Intro

Dear Brother, Dear Sister:


From the day our Lord Jesus ascended to the day He returns, the major events that have happened in history, and the events that will happen in the near future, can all be grouped into seven stages. How do we know?


In Revelation chapter 5, we are told of a book. This book contains the process by which God will take over this world to establish His Kingdom on earth. This book is sealed with seven seals. But in the following chapters we are told that our Lord Jesus opens each of the seals one after the other. When a seal is opened, a portion of the book is released to be fulfilled on earth. And since there are seven seals, the contents of the book are fulfilled in seven stages. When all seven seals are removed and the book is fully opened and fulfilled, we are told that the kingdoms of this world would have become the kingdoms of our LORD. Meaning, the events that happen in each stage bring the world closer to when it is fully taken over to become God’s Kingdom.


However, in each stage, after a seal is opened, before the released contents of the book can be fulfilled on earth: a trumpet must be sounded and a cup of judgment must be poured-symbolically speaking. Now there are seven trumpets, one for each stage, and seven cups of judgment, one for each stage.


When a seal is opened, a vision is shown; when a trumpet is sounded, a vision is shown; and when a cup of judgment is poured, a vision is shown. To learn the things prophesied for each stage, we need God to help us understand these visions. For example, to learn the things prophesied for Stage 4, we need God to help us understand the vision shown when the fourth seal is opened, the vision shown when the fourth trumpet is sounded and the vision shown when the fourth cup of judgment is poured.


From the understanding God has given us about all these visions, it is clear that we are currently in Stage 4. And since some of the things prophesied for Stage 5 are beginning to happen, we know that we are speedily entering into that stage. God, in His mercy and wisdom wants His people to be aware of these things now so that we are strengthened with hope to maintain our faith in Stage 5.


We will share the things God has revealed in the following way:


  • What it means to sound the trumpet and pour the cup of judgment
  • Stage 1 –The era of the apostles and the early church
  • Stage 2 –Paving the way for Constantine
  • Stage 3 –The rise of the Catholic church through Constantine
  • Stage 4 –Wars and rumours of wars, diverse pestilence and deaths
  • Stage 5 –Emergence of the firstfruits, antichrist world system
  • Stage 6 –End of the civilization of humanity: World War 3
  • Stage 7 –The glorification and establishment of God’s government


Stages 5 to 7 are the final hours of the world as we know it. More can be said about Stages 5 to 7 using other scriptures, but to keep this brief, we will mainly focus on the visions shown in the book of Revelation.


We trust God to help our understanding as we begin.



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